What We Can Do Together

What We Can Do Together, a collaboration between MonkeyMind Company (BE) and Unmute Dance Company (SA), is Lisi Estaras’ new inclusive dance creation. This work puts the mixability of the performers and the nature of their communication at the centre of a reflection on the resistance to the times we are living in. Resilience is the key. Can we push the limits of language and frames and thus shift perspectives, by being together?

Choreography Lisi Estaras Creation and performance Nadine Mc Kenzie, Andile Vellem, Joseph Tebandeke, Elie Tass, Zoë Chungong, Sophie Warnant, Hannah Bekemans, Julia Luna Dierens Attendant for Hannah Bekemans Marjan Colombie Attendant for Julia Luna Dierens Frank Dierens Dramaturgy Sara Vanderieck Music Gabriel Chwojnik Soundscape Damien Magnette Light and scenography Helmut Van den Meersschaut Costumes and scenography Louis Verlinde Administrator and production management Nicole Petit Production MonkeyMindCompany Gent (BE) and Unmute Dance Company Capetown (SA) Coproduction Charleroi Danse (BE), December Dance, Bruges (BE), Dorky Park in residence in Volksbühne Berlin (DE), Festival van Vlaanderen Gent (BE) Residency STUK, Leuven (BE) With the support of City of Ghent and laGeste (studio)

World Première 7 December, December Dance, Bruges (BE)