A guest choreography for the Compañia Nacional de Danza Contemporanea, Buenos Aires

The Company invited international choreographer ​Lisi Estaras​ to create a dance production. ​Vernáculos​ proposes to return to the core and reinvent history. A story that questions and renews our present.

A group of people redefines a collective identity. Through a reinvented folklore where empathy, group strength, the place of the individual, man’s relationship with nature, are some of the themes of this ‘vernacular’. Through instinctive physical language the work becomes an emotional collage that plays with the limits of the unknown and the search for the authentic.

Gabriel Chowjnik’s original soundtrack immerses us in an energetic and sensual universe where the music of the Italian composer and poet Giacinto Scelsi (1905-1988) stands out as a counterpoint to this heterogeneous and furious mass. These one-tone compositions embody the multiplicity of what it means to be somehow one.

choreographic idea and direction​ Lisi Estaras dancers Bettina Quintá, Candela Rodríguez, Diego Franco, Ernesto Chacón Oribe, Inés Maas, Juan Salvador Giménez Farfán, Juan Pablo González, Leonardo Gatto, Liber Franco, Magalí Del Hoyo, María del Mar Codazzi, Mauro Podesta, Nicolás Miranda, Pablo Fermani, Rafael Peralta, Victoria Delfino, Victoria Hidalgo, Victoria Viberti, Virginia López, Yamila Guillermo, Yésica Alonso musician Ariel Eberstein soundscape Gabriel Chwojnik light design Martín Rebello set design Kirka Marull stage assistant Luciano Di Natale costume design Analía Morales reposition/choreographic assistants Agustina Sario and Ramiro Soñez

Première 11/09/2019Centro Cultural Kirchner Buenos Aires, ARG