The Gaza Monologues

Together with a group of young people between 14 and 18 years old, Lisi Estaras is creating a performance based on  the Gaza Mono-Logues. These monologues are a personal report of the life experiences of thirty six teenagers living  in the Gaza Strip.   By making the production, les ballets C de la B is answering to a call from the Ashtar Theatre. This Palestinian  theatre is mobilising its global artistic network to produce recitals of the Gaza Mono-Logues throughout the world.  Between the two companies there is an artistic collaboration for some years.

Direction and choreography​ Lisi Estaras ​ Artistic coach​ Samuel Lefeuvre ​ Performed by​ 11 young people from Ghent: Laura Baets,  Manon Beernaert, Ada Buyssens, Cesar De Sutter, Titus De Sutter, Elisabeth Haeck, Tosca Lasuy, Elodie Schillemans, Hannah  Soenens, Mathilde Strijdonk, Isolde Van den Bulcke, Gilles Vandecaveye ​Texts ​Amad (°1993), Mahmoud (°1994), Sami (°1994), Ali  (°1995), Mahmoud (°1995), Mahmoud (°1996), Fatima (°1996) ​ Sound and light ​Bernard Van Cottem Production​ les ballets C de la B ​Initiated by ​Ashtar Theatre Gaza & Ramallah

Première ​10/10/2010 les ballets C de la B (studio) Gent, B  –  10/12/2010, United Nations New York.