Los ejercicios del placer

“Something calm, flowing, organic. How is it organic? One thing leads to another. Let yourself go and that’s where the pleasure begins… How? My way is the anti organic, there are no transitions, as in life: one thing and, abruptly, another. And the common thread? They are events,  behaviors.  The body in a state…
Everything has potential to be something, even if it doesn’t seem to be”

What is the performer thinking about while executing her movements?
The work exercised itself, as well as our search system. The system that makes us interested in exploring the world and makes us excited when we are about to get what we want.
The word bursts in to clarify or to confuse our imagination and perception.
What if the failure in the pursuit of pleasure was more moving than the pleasure itself?

Choreography and performance Lisi Estaras Music Gabriel Chojwnik Scenography Kirka Marull Dramaturgic advice Eugenia Cadús Production Fundación Cazadores (AR), MonkeyMind Company (B) With the support of Flanders, Belgium

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Carolina Pieta in Pagina12, March 30th 2023