La Esclava

In 2004, the Argentinian, Brussels based dancer-choreographer Ayelen Parolin made a very personal solo, called 25.06.76. (her date of birth). This solo piece is akin to a singular choreographic autobiography, of which the basic material was composed of fragments taken from creations in which Ayelen has participated in the past, either as a student, as a performer or a choreographer. Since its creation the piece has toured incessantly and new choreographic elements were added along the way.

In 2014, while pregnant, Ayelen Parolin asked choreographer and performer from Argentina, Lisi Estaras to take her place on a number of dates. This lightning-bolt of an adventure for both women was the starting point of a desire to deepen their connection, an attempt to bring together their two personalities and choreographic signatures, highlighting some similarities and many differences….

By employing the principle of choreography for the solo behind their meeting, and its relationship with identity (unstable construction, resolutely plural and fluid), both artists have created a piece which is rich in contrast, even in diffraction. This is an on-stage solo where a woman (Lisi Estaras), seemingly haunted/mesmerized by herself, and hemmed in by multiple strands of heritage, seeks to extricate or exhume her own history, along with her relationship to the world.

concept & choreography Ayelen Parolin & Lisi Estaràs dance Lisi Estaràs music Bartold Uyttersprot  dramaturgy Sara Vanderieck & Olivier Hespel light design Carlo Bourguignon costume design Dorine Demuynck  scenic object Nicolas Vladyslav production RUDA asbl coproduction Charleroi Danse, Les Brigittines – Brussels, CDC Le Gymnase – Roubaix, Petites Scenes Ouvertes (PSO).

With the support of la Fédération Wallonie – Bruxelles – Service de la Danse
Support WBI, WBT/D, Les Ballets C de la B – Gent, Studio support Hellerau – European Center for Arts – Dresden, Grand Studio – Brussels

Première 09/10/2015, Biennale de Charleroi Danse, B