Dans Dans

Dans Dansshould have been the first dance performance of theatre director Eric De Volder. Following his sudden demise, the future Dance Dancers came together to see how they could continue this legacy. Itis the result of the first encounter between het KIP and les ballets C de la B. 

The artistic idea was formulated by Hendrik Van Doorn. Lisi Estaras (coaching), Nicolas Vladyslav and Lara Barsacq’s enthusiastic response soon followed. With his background as a physical actor, Van Doorn explores the limits of his body, supported by dancer Vladyslav, who, in turn, enters into the theatrical context offered by Van Doorn. Barsacq balances cleverly between both worlds.

Craving for originality, they create a new universe where they can meet, bump into one another, startle. Nothing is taken for granted. The smallest gesture, the slightest movement has to be reconsidered. In a rather naïve, childlike manner the dancers try to develop a new vocabulary which gives a new meaning to themselves and to each other. Almost animal-like sometimes, never moralizing or judging. It involves a great deal of sweat and tears, both from laughing and crying. 

choreography by Lisi Estaras, Hendrik Van Doorn, Nicolas Vladyslav & Lara Barsacq artistic assistance Sara Vanderieck costumes Dorine Demuynck light design Geert Vanoorlé production het KIP, les ballets C de la B

Première 09/06/2011, CAMPO, Nieuwpoorttheater Gent